Autorun content plugin



Plugin description

This is simple «content» plugin for manage some actions while starting Total Commander. At first this is was the personal project, that was made for merge different autorun tasks into single interface. Now it's developing mainly for making portable version simple. It's cover the most of startup requirements. For more advanced or specific actions is more reasonable run the script or create plugin in traditional language.

This plugin is a simple command processor that executes commands from text configuration file. All commands executes in the separate thread and should not freeze TC in case of problem in one of commands. It's possible to use variables and simple If..Else condition.


Before installing plugin recommend to rename autorun.example.cfg file into autorun.cfg, and edit it if needed. Installation of plugin is usual for content plugins. Next, in order to load plugin at Total Commander start, you should create the fictitious color scheme:

  • On the «Color» page press «Define colors by file type…» button 
  • In the «Define colors by file type» dialog set cursor in any place in the list, and press «Add…» button 
  • Press «Define…» button.
  • In the «Define selection» dialog move to «Plugins» tab.
  • Select in «Plugin» dropdown list «autorun».
  • Select in «Property» dropdown list «Autorun» (there will not be more properties).
  • Select in «OP» dropdown list «=» and set in following field any integer, for example 1.
  • Press «Save» button, give the template some name , for example «Autorun».
  • Next, repeatedly press OK button in all dialogs until options dialog will be closed.
  • Restart TC.

If you have many color schemes, it's recommended to move Autorun scheme to the top of list, else it can not run sometimes.

Plugin can be renamed, in this case change the name of configuration file correspondingly.

Version history

1.5.0 - Added %AUTORUN_ISADMIN% constant1.4.9.6 beta - CommandExec rewritten1.4.9.5 beta - fixed closing routines1.4.9.4 beta - added /W for ShellExec1.4.9.3 beta - added /TT for ShellExec1.4.9.2 beta - added /T for ShellExec, added AutorunBlockUnload command, fixed versioninfo1.4.9.1 beta - added variables (Set), conditional expression, LoadFont, messages translation1.4.7 - added IniDelete command1.4.6 - fixed lockup on empty lines in configuration file1.4.5 - small fix in expand variables function, removed limitation of using mixed quotes1.4.4 - fixed installation via TC Plugin Manager, added version info1.4.3 - fixed bug when environment variable become empty in append mode, if it's initial length was big enough1.4.2 - added /AD parameter for SetEnv command (read the note)1.4.1 - fixed TC crash when calling cm_UnloadPlugins1.4 - changed handling of optional parameters/switches, added ability for loading libraries, added plugins, added IniWrite1.3 - added showing parameters for ShellExecute command, value of Autorun field can be compared to anything1.2 - first public version, script-like configuration file instead .ini1.1 - added environment variables support and some other improvements1.0 - first version, three commans, keep config in .ini file