TCTorrent content/lister plugin



Plugin description

TCTorrent - is content/lister plugin for working with .torrent files. This impementation have different approach to visualize torrent file content instead existing plugins.


This plugin has been tested with Total Commander 7.x and Total Commander 7.50 under Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 (x86), and under Windows 7 RTM. The content part is fully unicode, lister part is currently only ANSI.


Just open in Total Commander, this will install the plugin automatically.


Please refer Total Commander documentation on how to configure columns. You can select Torrent Name, Files count, Total size, Block size, Block count, Tracker, Created date, SHA hash, Comment and Errors.

In Lister part you can use context menu to copy either data only or whole info with formatting. If data have a links, they will appear in the context menu. Also search is working.

Export can have an icons too, but for converting them you need to have GDI+ installed. If you have at least WinXP, you most likely have it. Also, icons in resulting HTML will be visible in the modern browsers only, IE6 is out this range, sorry.


Christian Ghisler - for infinitely powerful tool.
Franck8244 - for finding of «maketorrent project» units.
Units from «maketorrent project»: