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 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +The command starts the operations of moving/​resizing,​ saving and centering dialogs and dialog controls.
 +It works in two modes --- simple and advanced.
 +===== Simple Mode =====
 +Simple mode, or the default mode, works if no dialog was added by the [[movebutton_adddialog]] command prior to the launch of this command.
 +In simple mode, only the File copy and File move dialog is processed, saving and centering is not available.
 +|/​NARROW|When started with this parameter, the window will be narrowed as in TC versions <8.50.\\ \\ :!: Attention! With this parameter, the opportunity to “pin” the opened File copy window is lost. Also, some window controls under the 64-bit version cannot be narrowed.\\ \\ Not recommended to use.|
 +===== Advanced Mode =====
 +If at least one dialog was added by using the [[movebutton_adddialog]] command prior to the launch of this command, the plug-in starts working in the advanced mode, in which all movements of the controls are specified by the user.
 +Simple mode parameters are ignored.
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