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Display options

This node contain default display options for view modes - fonts, background and text colors.

    <HeaderFont name="Courier New" size="17" style="1"/>
    <Header2Font name="Courier New" size="15" style="1"/>
    <FieldFont name="Courier New" size="13" style="1"/>
    <InfoFont name="Courier New" size="13" style="0"/>
Common parameters
BackColorBackground color of window (background, where no lines)
HighlightTextColorHighlighted line text color.
HighlightBackColorHighlighted line background color.
Information line parameters
LineBackColorInformation line text color.
LineBackColorSecondInformation line background color.
LineHeightHeader height. If this parameter is 0, height of line will be calculated from the font height.
FieldFontField name font.
FieldTextColorField name text color.
FieldLeftMarginLeft margin of field name text.
InfoFontField info font.
InfoTextColorInfo text color.
InfoLeftMarginLeft margin of info text.
Header parameters
HeaderFontText font.
HeaderTextColorText color.
HeaderBackColorText background color.
HeaderHeightHeader height. If this parameter is 0, height of line will be calculated from the font height.
HeaderLeftMarginLeft margin of header text.
Header parameters of 2-nd level
Header2FontText font.
Header2TextColorText color.
Header2BackColorText background color.
Header2HeightHeader height. If this parameter is 0, height of line will be calculated from the font height.
Header2LeftMarginLeft margin of 2-nd level header text.
Parameters of cover line
CoverLineBackColorLine background color.
CoverLineHeightCover line height. Can be positive, negative and zero.

> 0 - line height is in priority, cover will be scaled to this value
= 0 - line height depends on cover height, and choosing maximal possible
< 0 - line height depends on cover height, but not more then given value

Font parameters:

nameFont name (font face).
sizeFont size.
styleFont style. This is sum of flags:

1 - bold
2 - italic
4 - underscore.

If no flags defined - 0.

If default parameter is absent in the configuration file, or it hve incorrect value and can't be read (empty), will be used next colors:

*TextColorSystem color of window.
*BackColorSystem background color of window.
HighlightTextColorSystem color if selected window text.
HighlightBackColorSystem background color if selected window text.
HeaderBackColorSystem color of button face.
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