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View modes

    <view name="View 1" extensions="MP3,OGG,...">
      {script text}
    <view name="View 2">
      {script text}

<views> node have set of <view> nodes, defining view modes. Each mode have script as CDATA section of node, that forming info lines set, displaying on the screen.

Parameters of almost every element can be defined separately, view more about parameters on Display options page. Also, those parameters can be defined from script separately for each view mode with DisplayOption function.

In the standard distributive are next view modes:

DefaultMain (universal) view mode. Display majority of non-empty fields, some fields are additionally formatted for better perception.
FullDisplay all non-empty field (except Inform fields, that in fact are compilation of other fields).
Audio (compact)Compact mode for audio, display most important info.
Video (compact)Compact mode for video,display most important info. Stream info showing in one line per stream.
Raw dataSpecial mode, display all fields info, show field textID instead of name.
Translation of unitsSpecial mode, display units translation, show field textID instead of name.
Translation of fieldsSpecial mode, display fields translation, show field textID instead of name.
Standard InformInternal formatted library output. «Default» mode is similar to this mode, but with ability to correctly translate info.

Of course, you can change them or add your own.

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