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Replace lists

In this node you can define lists of terms that need to be replaced.

  <list name="ListName">
    <line name="SearchText1">ReplaceText1</line>
    <line name="SearchText2">ReplaceText2</line>
    <line name="SearchTextN">ReplaceTextN</line>        
  <list name="ListName" type="ini" file="{path to ini-file}" section="{section}"/>

Node <list> can be one of two types, internal and ini-type, that loading from external ini-file.

nameName of list. It can be only latin alphanumeric plus underscore. Defined name can be used in columns of list type, or called by that name from script.
type ini - list can be loaded from external ini-file.
fileFile name for ini type (environment variables can be used here). IniIni can be ANSI or UTF-8 encoded.
sectionSection name for ini type.

For internal replace node, <list> node include set of <line> nodes, thet can have attributes:

name - name (term) for searching
ReplaceText - founded name will be replaced with this text
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