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In this section will be some features of script engine work with MediaInfo.

Using in WDX

In scripts can be used any of predefined names of sources and special Output variable, which value will be shown in Total Commander's column. For each column (or unit) separate script will need to be written.

Using in WLX

In scripts can be used any available MediaInfo fields.

Plugin output info as list. List can have 4 line type:

  • 1-st level header
  • 2-nd level header
  • Informational line:
    • Field name
    • Field value
  • Cover line

Working with indexes

Each field in MediaInfo library, apart from it's text identifier, can be retrieved by it's numeric index. Functions Get, GetName, GetUnit can work with both types of identifier.

The main thing that need to keep in mind when working with indexes - fields numeration is not continious, it's starting from zero in bounds of every context. So, when retrieving field info by index, it's always need to set context for which this index is applicable.

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