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Multi Comment Edit

Comment editor with extended abilities:

  • edit comments for multiple files
  • support ANSI and Unicode encodings with ability to change it
  • copy comments from neighbour files
  • quick insert from templates
  • insert data from wdx-plugins
  • additional hotkeys

What's new:

Version 3.2

  • fixed layout change on startup on Win7
  • updated some libraries
  • Ctrl+F12: deleting editor content and closing the window (deletes the comment)
  • F12: deleting editor content
  • Ctrl-Backspace added to mini-help
  • when using Ctrl+Backspace, undoing with Ctrl+Z now works

Version 3.1

  • Small fixes
  • Customizable editor font
  • Support for new TC behaviour on the «..» in folders (only single edit)

Version 3.0

  • Added the ability to use templates with quick insert
  • Added the ability to insert data from wdx-plugins
  • Settings are now saved in the ini file
  • Added many hotkeys
  • Mini hotkey help
  • Many fixes and small changes (see help history for details)


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