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TCMediaInfo - content/lister plugin for retrieve an info from the video and audio files. Plugin uses MediaInfo library and support all formats that library support. Full formats list here.

Since MediaInfo library can retreive a LOT information from file, plugin is fully customizable and allow to wrap any MediaInfo library's field. By default some most useful fields already configured and you can instantly start use plugun.

Content plugin is support data caching in the SQlite database, what is dramatically increase the speed of retrieving in the future.

Plugin support scripting interpreter what allow fully customise the output.

All plugin configuration in the TCMediaInfo.xml.

Important: config file encoding should be UTF-8 (preferable with BOM), in other case non-latin symbols can be displayed incorrectly.


Plugin files
MediaLibrary library files
SQlite library for database support
TCMediaInfo.exeIn current time opens maintenance dialog.
history_*.txtChanges history
MediaInfo.lngFile for using in scripting: MediaInfo field names, units etc.
TCMediaInfo.lngFile for WDX columns translation, WLX interface translation.
TCMediaInfo.sample.xmlSample config file, will be copied to working configuration on first run after installation
allprops.txtThe list of all library field identifiers. Only for the reference, not used in plugin work. Can be updated for new versions of TCMediaInfo from the dialog TCMediaInfo.exe.


Christian Ghisler - for infinitely powerful tool.
MediaInfo team - for powerful library.
Alexey Boyko - for simple and convenient PasCalc interpreter.


LonerD - Ukrainian


This plugin is freeware.

Allowed inclusion of this plugin in any Total Commander packs, personal or publc, in case of information in this section will remain intact.

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