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Function adding cover line in output of view mode.

LineAddCover([Text [, LeftMargin [, VerticalMargin]]])
TextOptional. Text with «Field name» style. If omitted, nothing will be displayed.
LeftMarginOptional. Left margin of cover. If omitted, InfoLeftMargin parameter will be used.
VerticalMarginOptional. Margin from the top and bottom border of line. Given value will be set for both, top and bottom margins. If omitted, 3 pixels will be used.

Function not return any values.


Height of line defined by CoverLineHeight parameter. Maximal height of line is limited by 255 pixels, image height will be in any way limited with this height.

Clicking on the cover image will show bigger view of cover.

:!: Function will only work if GDI+ library exist in the system.

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