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Here you define the «sources» - raw info that will be retrieved from library and, optionally, saved to database.

  <source name="SourceName" field="MediaLibraryFieldID" context="MediaLibraryFieldContext" stream="StreamNumber" process="PostprocessModule"/>

Each <source> node can have attributes:

nameName of source. It can be only latin alphanumeric plus underscore. Defined name will become a database field name, and as variable in the scripts.
fieldThe MediaLibrary field ID (for almost full list refer to allprops.txt, if you updated library, you can save updated file in the maintenance dialog.)
context(optional) since many library fields with the same name return different info for different kinds of objects (container, video, audio etc), and some work only in certain context, you can to set it. Context can be one of :

General - common (container, tags etc.)

If this attribute omitted, will be used General context (usually container or just common properties).
stream(optional) number of stream, for which info will be retreived. If instead number will be «*» - info about all available streams of this kind will be collected (they will be separated with string, defined in MultiSeparator parameter).
process(optional) Post-processing of source data, performing before saving to database.

For now here is only one module: fix_cp, that fixing encoding when reading ID3-tags, saved in ANSI-encoding, different from ISO 8859-1 (read more on the page FixCodepage). Since this module is slowing reading of data, it's recommending to use it only for fields that can be corrupted.
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