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Over time, records that are no longer associated with files (the file is deleted, moved, etc.) can remain in the disk cache, but continue to take up space and slow down the search for records.

While time go in the disk cache can remain orphaned records, link to file is no more valid (file deleted, moved etc.), howewer still occupy that space and slow down search. Also, when deleting sources in the configuration, they remain in the database. To optimize the base plugin has a maintenance mode.

For maintenance run TCMediaInfo.exe in the plugin folder, dialog will show up:

Please note that if the use of the database is not enabled in the settings, or the «memory only» mode is enabled, the elements on this tab will be inactive.

The «Records» group shows the total number of records in the database. The number of records with missing files will be shown only after clicking the «Check files» button, since with a large number of files this can be a very long process.

After the scan is completed (or after stopping, if the scan is canceled), if at least one missing file was found, the checkbox «Remove records with missing files» will become active and you can delete them.

The «Sources» group shows the total number of sources in the database, and the number of unused sources that are in the database but are missing in the configuration file. If there are more than 0, the checkbox «Delete Unused Sources» will become active.

After selecting one or more maintenance operations, the «Perform» button will become active.


On the “Tools” tab, you can save a list of most available library fields in text format to the file “allprops.txt”, or in a simple ini-format for further processing, to the file “allprops.ini”.

Please note that the list does not contain all possible fields. Some fields appear only on certain files and are missing on others. But you can use these fields in the same way as “fixed”.

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