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Description & purpose

Autorun — is simple «content» plugin for manage some actions while starting Total Commander. At first this is was the personal project, that was made for merge different autorun tasks into single interface. Now it's developing mainly for making portable version simple. It's cover the most of startup requirements. For more advanced or specific actions is more reasonable run the script or create plugin in traditional language.

This plugin is a simple command processor that executes commands from text configuration file. All commands executes in the separate thread and should not freeze TC in case of problem in one of commands. It's possible to use variables and simple If..Else expression.

Autorun shoud work on any OS from Win2000 to Win10, currently testing on Win7 x64 and Win10 x64.


Christian Ghisler — for infinitely powerful tool.

Flasher - for help with Russian docs.


This plugin is freeware.

Allowed inclusion of this plugin in any Total Commander packs, personal or publc, in case of information in this section will remain intact.

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