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LoadLibrary [/U] <dll> [<function>]

Command that loading a dynamic library or pligin.


dllDynamic library name. May contain variables and environment variables. Also, paths can be relative to the path where configuration file placed.
functionFunction that will be executed immediately after loading the library. Function should not have parameters and return a result.


/Udll will be unloaded immediately after loading and executing function (if set).


Note, that under 64-bit version you can load 64-bit libraries and plugins only, under 32-bit varsion — correspondingly 32-bit libraries.

For simplicity plugin using and using single config file in different TC versions, for 64-bit verions implicit loading used (similarly to TC plugins). For that 64-bit version of plugin should have «dll64» extension. In configuration «dll» extension using.

Example (on MoveButton): record in configuration «LoadLibrary Plugins\Autorun_MoveButton.dll». Under 32-bit version will be loaded Autorun_MoveButton.dll, under 64-bit version — Autorun_MoveButton.dll64.

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