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ProcessTerminate [/F] [/EV-] [/TT] [/A] [/W[:####]] <process 1> [<process 2> [... <process N>]]

Closes one or more processes. Please note that the options apply to all processes listed in the command.


varName of the variable that will receive the value.
processProcess name. May contain variables and environment variables.


/EV-Disables the use of environment variables in the text.
/FUse a comparison of the full path to the file.
/TTCloses process tree, ie the process itself and all it's child processes.
/W[:xxxx]Before closing processes, first tries to close the process's window. Standard completion timeout — 1000 ms. After the option can optionally be present number specifying a timeout, for example: /W:5000.
/AClose all processes with the given name (otherwise only the first).
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