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The command loads the menu in *.mnu format or toolbar in *.bar format and displays it at the position of the mouse cursor.

This is a special command that works only as a parameter of the ControlSetMouseAction command. Use of command in the main Autorun script is not available.

ShowPopupMenu [/I:nn] <file>


<menu>Path to menu file or toolbar file.


/I:nnOverrides the display and size of the icons for a given menu. If there is no switch, the settings for displaying icons are the same as in the Total Commander menu (controlled by the IconsInMenus key).

The number nn sets the size of the icon. If 0, the icons are disabled.


Supported files in the following encodings: ANSI, UTF-16LE, UTF-16BE, UTF-8, UTF-8+BOM.

*.bar file support has several limitations:

  • Executable files that set directly (without using the em_* command mechanism) cannot contain Total Commander variables (%P, %L and others) in the parameters.
  • Privilege escalation with using «*» before the command will not work.
  • Nested *.bar files are always displayed as a submenu.
  • The nesting depth of *.bar files is limited to 8 levels to exclude the possibility of infinite recursion.
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