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The command adds a condition for finding a dialog. Allows you to distinguish between dialogs with one class according to different criteria.

AddCondition [/PARENT] <ConditionType> <class> <instance> [<text>]

Condition define paranmeters

<class>The name of the control class to be used in the condition. If the name is empty, the text of the current dialog title (or the parent, when using the /PARENT parameter) is taken for comparison.
<instance>Control instance. If <class> is empty, use 0.
<text>Optional. Text for the search in the text of the control or dialog title. The text may be empty, in which case the condition will be true if the found text of the control or the dialog title is also empty.

Variables and environment variables are expanding here.
/PARENTOptional. By default, the control is searched for in the current dialog. If this parameter is specified, the search will be performed in the parent dialog.

Condition type

In one condition only one of these ConditionType types can be applied:

/EXISTS:<1/0>Checks if a given control exists. 1 if must exist, 0 if not.
/VISIBLE:<1/0>Checks if the given control is visible. 1 if must be visible, 0 if not.
/TEXTSearches for the text specified in the condition, in the text of the control or dialog title.


Currently, you can add up to 4 conditions. If there are more than one conditions, they are combined according to the logical «AND», i.e. in order for the dialogue to be found, it is necessary that all given conditions be fulfilled.

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