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Directives are performed during the pre-processing script and results are valid during all time of the script executing. Directive begins with the «Pragma» keyword.

Pragma AutorunFinalizeSection

The script after this directive is processed at the Total Commander closing stage. If the directive is not used, no actions performed at the Total Commander closing stage.

Pragma AutorunBlockUnload

Blocks unloading plugin (using cm_UnloadPlugins) until closing Total Commander. Useful for ShellExec with /T switch. If the directive is not used, the blocking disabled.

Pragma AutorunLanguage <ID>

Loads the custom language messages from file autorun.lng. If this directive is not used, the default language (English) used. Since all plugin messages — errors, it makes sense to use this directive only during debugging.

In order to be able to localize error messages that occur during the pre-processing stage, this directive must be located at the very beginning of the script.

IDTwo or three-character language identifier, that used in Total Commander language files. File autorun.lng should contain a section with the same name. If a section is not found, English will be used.

Pragma AutorunAllowWriteEnv

By default, commands that return values can only write the result to internal variables. This directive allows the entry into the existing environment variables.

Pragma AutorunLoadInSubrocess

By default, Autorun full not run, if TC executed as separate process for search/view/etc. But you can change this behaviour with this directive.

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