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Before installing plugin recommend to rename autorun.example.cfg file into autorun.cfg, and edit it if needed. Installation of plugin is usual for content plugins. Next, in order to load plugin at Total Commander start, you should create the fictitious color scheme:

  • On the «Color» page press «Define colors by file type…» button.
  • In the «Define colors by file type» dialog set cursor in any place in the list, and press «Add…» button.
  • Press «Define…» button.
  • In the «Define selection» dialog move to «Plugins» tab.
  • Select in «Plugin» dropdown list «autorun».
  • Select in «Property» dropdown list «Autorun» (there will not be more properties).
  • Select in «OP» dropdown list «=» and set in following field any integer, for example 1.
  • Press «Save» button, give the template some name , for example «Autorun».
  • Next, repeatedly press OK button in all dialogs until options dialog will be closed.
  • Restart TC.

If you have many color schemes, it's recommended to move Autorun scheme to the top of list, else it can not run sometimes.

Plugin can be renamed, in this case change the name of configuration file correspondingly.

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