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LoadFont [/N] <font>

Command that loading selecting font. By default this font will be available in Total Commander process only and will be unloaded when TC is closed.


fontName of font. May contain variables and environment variables.


/NAllow other applications to use this font. Note, that font become unavailable when TC is closed.


Supported fonts:

.fntRaw bitmap font file.
.ttfRaw TrueType file.
.ttcEast Asian Windows: TrueType font collection.
.fotTrueType resource file.
.otfPostScript OpenType font.«
.mmmMultiple master Type1 font resource file. It must be used with .pfm and .pfb files.
.pfbType 1 font bits file. It is used with a .pfm file.
.pfmType 1 font metrics file. It is used with a .pfb file.

For adding fonts separated to parts, they should be separated by «|». For example, abcxxxxx.pfm|abcxxxxx.pfb.

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