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ModifyDialogs [/NARROW]

The command starts the operations of moving/resizing, saving and centering dialogs and dialog controls.

It works in two modes — simple and advanced.

Simple Mode

Simple mode, or the default mode, works if no dialog was added by the AddDialog command prior to the launch of this command.

In simple mode, only the File copy and File move dialog is processed, saving and centering is not available.

/NARROWWhen started with this parameter, the window will be narrowed as in TC versions <8.50.

:!: Attention! With this parameter, the opportunity to “pin” the opened File copy window is lost. Also, some window controls under the 64-bit version cannot be narrowed.

Not recommended to use.

Advanced Mode

If at least one dialog was added by using the AddDialog command prior to the launch of this command, the plug-in starts working in the advanced mode, in which all movements of the controls are specified by the user.

Simple mode parameters are ignored.

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