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The command reads a string from the specified Total Commander language file.

LngRead <variable> <identifier> [<filename>]


variableThe name of the variable in which the value will be written.
identifierID of the string in the language file.
filenameThe name of the language file to load. If omitted, the file loaded in the previous call is used.


The first call of the command must be made with the «filename» parameter. The command caches a list of all the lines from the specified file. On subsequent calls, the filename may be omitted. When called with a different file name, the lines in the cache are replaced with the lines from the new file.

File encoding is determined automatically. If file is saved as ANSI, command try to get value in the «codepage» line, if those line is absent, system codepage is used.

If the specified identifier does not exist, the command returns an empty value and sets ERROR variable to 1.

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