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CommandExec <command> [<params>]
CommandExec /CD[:{T|S|TS}] <path1> [<path2>]

Execute user command em_* or set a paths in the panels.

Parameters for executing internal command

commandMust be set to the name of a user command (usually prefixed with em_).
paramsMust contain the parameters of em-command.

Parameters for setting paths

path1This parameter must contain the first path.
path2This parameter must contain the second path.


[/CD]Setting this switch allow to set paths in the Total Commander panels. First and optional second parameters — paths for setting in panels. After parameter can be optional flags how to set paths:
T — open in new tab,
S — make first path as source, second as target, else left and right panels accordingly,
ST — combination of parameters.


# opens the configuration dialog
CommandExec cm_Config

# execute the user command "em_UserCommand1"
CommandExec em_UserCommand1

# opens "C:\Windows" path in the left panel
CommandExec /CD "C:\Windows"

# opens "C:\Windows" path in the right panel (note first parameter is empty)
CommandExec /CD "" "C:\Windows"

# opens "C:\Windows" path in new tab in the left panel
CommandExec /CD:T "C:\Windows"

# opens "C:\Windows" path in the source panel, "D:\Test" in the target panel
CommandExec /CD:S "C:\Windows" "D:\Test"

# opens "C:\Windows" path in the new tab of source panel, 
# "D:\Test" in the new tab of target panel
CommandExec /CD:ST "C:\Windows" "D:\Test"
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